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Cape Town Neighbourhood Art & Food Tour

R 480.00

2.5 hrs

Travel as a Local

About Experience

What To Expect

What Will We Do?

We will journey through the art, culture and character of Cape Town neighbourhoods like you’ve never seen before! The scenes of Salt River and Observatory have everything to lure you in including friendly locals and vibey streets! Get to meet locals in their great communities and learn about their history, culture and life. You'll leave this tour more enlightened and happier than you could be because throughout the tour you will be directly supporting and empowering the locals as you indulge your tastebuds with the delicious food made by them just for you. Ooh, what more could one ask for! Join us if you're seeking an authentic insightful impactful experience all wrapped up in fun.

Who is This Experience Suitable For?

This is a fun walking tour for Solo Wanderers, Small groups and Families.

Anything to Note

This is a walking tour.

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