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A new week and another two experiences to talk about! This week we’ll be exploring the arts and culture on the streets of Cape Town, namely in the suburbs of Salt River and Observatory. Both suburbs are filled with rich history and beautiful historical architecture and these are two experiences you don’t want to miss out on!


Join our Wanderful Host, Gilbert on a historical and cultural experience like no other. Gilbert, a local to Cape Town, has a profound understanding of its history and local communities and will lead you down roads less traveled by tourists and more through the eyes of Capetonians! This in-person tour starts with a glimpse into the past of District 6, which has a painful history of its residents being forcefully removed from their homes during Apartheid. The artistic talents of this up and coming innovative hub are highlighted. From there you’ll get to see how the art scene is taking over Salt River, which oozes charm with its picturesque street murals. You’ll also get to enjoy some Cape Town treats at a local residents home and watch your food being cooked in front of you! If you’re looking for an authentic Cape Town experience, this tour is definitely for you.


Wanderful Host, Gordon leads this in-person tour in the beautiful suburb of Observatory, or as the locals say, Obs! It kicks off at the Obs train station, from which you’ll wander to a local barber and have a chat with him. Afterwards you’ll be treated to some amazing street art and graffiti, found on the walls of the streets of this thriving district. Obs is known for its thrifty and vintage vibe and feel, so you’ll get to go into a hippy bar where you’ll meet the manager and can enjoy some good company. From there our Wanderful Host will lead you across the road to a local vegetable store where you’ll get to meet and talk to the manager as well and maybe pick up some fresh produce for the evening's dinner! If you’re into fabrics or make your own clothes, the next stop on this Wanderful experience will make you happy! It’s a store that’s been around for ages, named Mnandi Fabrics Store. Here you can stock up on all our beautiful African fabrics. To wrap up the tour you’ll end off at an ice cream store where you can choose between flavors that come from all over Africa!

If you would like to be a part of these awesome experiences, you can find them on our website. If you’re not in Cape Town, but you would like a virtual tour of our gorgeous city, you can book your free concierge session with us or you could have a customized virtual tour made up for you so you can virtually travel, right from your very own home or wherever you may be in the world!


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