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From the moment you walk into

Photo curtesy of Gold Restaurant

, you are taken on an unforgettable experience! Malian puppets greet you, you get to taste food from across the continent and hear traditional African drums and music. The entire area is designed to take you on a sensory journey into the colours, creativity and artistry of Africa, from Cape Town all the way to Cairo!


Gold Restaurant has a set menu with a variety of flavours from 14 different countries on the African continent. You can share the courses and while indulging, you will also be learning about the country of origin, cooking techniques and spices of each dish. They have Halaal-certified meat, poultry and fish, which also come in vegetarian or vegan replacements. Be prepared for an immersive African experience!


They have a spice experience that explores the history of spices throughout the world. Think of it as a storytelling adventure told from the perspective of the African waitrons. The story takes you from Uganda to Burundi, the lakes of Tanganyika, and the spice island of Zanzibar. You will hear about a different side of Africa through the spices. You will be smelling, tasting and identifying them as you listen to how an Indonesian island is linked to Manhattan through the spice trade and European wars. You can even do this experience with a group of friends as the Spice Experience is available for 2 to 10 guests.

Photo curtesy of Gold Restaurant


As said before, this is a mesmerising experience, and the entertainment definitely lives up to it! You will hear archetypal African stories, which are told during dinner, and the performances include praise singing, Malian puppetry and dancing to Marimba percussion and Djembe drums. You can even join in on the fun! There is a Djembe drumming session every evening before dinner. Then there are the Malian puppets, which are incredible, and showcase the non-narrative, symbolic performance style of the Bamana people and tradition. The dance performances symbolise the strength of African men and women as the warriors and dancers try to impress each other with their acts. There is a special performance dedicated to the royalty, a tribute to the Kings and Queens in Africa. The highlight though is when the waiters, kitchen staff and entertainers come to sing and dance with you to say thank you for visiting the restaurant. It is a great celebration of life and community.

Photo curtesy of Gold Restaurant


You could throw the birthday party of the decade or an unforgettable staff function in this beautiful restaurant as it is a multi-venue space. Each of the dining areas are unique, with the décor coming from across the continent. You and your guests will be eating delicious meals that work for anyone’s culinary preferences, enjoying the traditional African feast surrounded by stunning local artefacts and contemporary artwork.

You can find the Gold Restaurant at 15 Bennett Street in Green Point and their opening times are Monday to Sunday, 6:30pm to 10:30pm. The price range is R435 per person for a 14 African dish experience, with optional Djembe drumming at R120 per person. Make sure to book online at

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