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We all look forward to December for that well deserved break after a long year, but we know how expensive the holiday can become! However, because it is the festive season, you can’t not enjoy your holiday, right? Especially if you’re spending it in sunny South Africa. Here are a few ways to enjoy your holidays with family and friends without breaking that bank account!


Cape Town has endless camping spots where you and the family can have tons of fun! One of them being Koggelbaai, along the coast close to Gordon’s Bay. This camping spot is on the beach and is very affordable!


Markets are huge in Cape Town during the festive season, with many different markets to choose from. There are food markets, craft markets and even vintage markets. These markets are usually held over the weekends but you can check online or Facebook for specific markets in specific areas.


What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than to spend it with friends, family and food outdoors! There are many parks that you could visit with your loved ones for a lovely picnic, especially in Cape Town, namely Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens or Tokai Forest. These parks will either be free to enter or charge a small fee, but nothing that will set you back on your budget.


We could all do with a little cultural outing every now and then! Cape Town has numerous museums that you can visit, with entry fees being less than R40 per adult! You could opt to take the kids to the awesome newly renovated Planetarium, prices range from R30 - R60 to enter. Alternatively, there’s the Slave Lodge, South African Museum as well as the Bo-Kaap Musuem that you could visit.


If you’re the type of person that needs to keep busy, even when on holiday, then learning a new hobby is a perfect way to spend as little money as possible! It’s also a great way to keep your mind active and mental state healthy. If your community has a community centre, pop in and see what activities they have available for you if you’re not too sure what you would like to spend your free time doing.


If you’re an outdoors person who loves being active, hiking is the perfect option for you! You can do mild, medium or difficult hikes, all depending on what you can handle! Cape Town is known for having absolutely beautiful hiking trails, including outside of Cape Town. One spot that you should definitely try out is a full moon hike on Devil’s Peak mountain. It’s next to Table Mountain and isn’t too difficult. Once you’ve reached the top, you are welcomed by the most spectacular view of Cape Town! On your way down there is no need for torches as the beautiful full moonlight lights up the mountain perfectly.


Want to travel but just don’t have the funds for it? That’s not a problem! You could take a virtual tour right from the comfort of your very own home, wherever you are in the world! Most virtual tours can be found online, but for the best virtual experiences, WanderfullySo is your go to! Especially if you would like to see more of beautiful Cape Town. Virtual travelling has become the new way to travel and when doing it with WanderfullySo, not only will you be learning about Cape Town, but you’ll be experiencing it the way the locals do!

There are many ways to enjoy your holiday without constantly taking out your wallet. Make sure to check what’s happening in your area and don’t forget to book your free concierge session with WanderfullySo for an awesome virtual experience!

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