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Oasis Association

Hello Wanderers! We hope your first two weeks of 2022 have been good to you and that you are still sticking to those resolutions! Today we will be talking about an amazing NGO here in Cape Town called Oasis Association.


Oasis first began as Oasis Special School in 1952, educating learners who had intellectual disabilities and were excluded from mainstream schooling. Once adults were done with their schooling, it became difficult placing them in the formal job market. Because of all the failed attempts and challenges, Oasis Protective Workshop was opened up, a supporting work environment for children to be able to transition easier from school into a workplace.


Oasis Association has a recycling initiative running, which aims to create sustainable employment for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as to generate income to subsidize the different support groups they also offer. For over 20 years, they have been creating jobs for thousands of young people and adults struggling with intellectual disabilities, they have provided professional recycling solutions to various businesses within the Cape Metro District and they have a domestic recycling drop off center in Claremont. Oasis processes over 160 tons of recyclable waste, which saves the City of Cape Town around 16 000 cubic meters of landfill every month.

For business recycling, they provide free collection services to over 500 businesses. As for the domestic recycling, they handle tin, plastic, paper and bottles. They also accept donations of gently used goods, books and any other items they are able to use in their shop.


Oasis has two workshops where they employ 370 people with intellectual disabilities, based in Claremont and Elsies River. Most of these beneficiaries have little to no hope of finding work in the job market, but they thrive in this supporting environment. Oasis provides a safe and protective working environment, which includes ongoing learning and training, occupational therapy and transport; this gives them the opportunity to earn a salary, a sense of self worth and the everyday companionship of work colleagues. How do they provide employment you ask? Through their income generation projects! These are namely the recycling initiative, the Books and Bric-a-Brac shops, a bakery and outsourced business services.


You can browse through a large range of books at the Oasis Books and Bric-a-brac shop in Claremont and Pinelands. They also have artwork, designer wear, toys, sporting goods, decor items and so much more. In Elsies River, you will find the Second Hand Goods shop, where you can browse and shop for electronics, toys, clothes, books, music and DVD’s.


The bakery in Claremont produces a variety of delicious and fresh produce. They also supply the Oasis Tea Garden with food and drinks, which is also in Claremont. They are supported by the Carl and Emily Fuchs foundation and the Old Mutual Foundation.


There are two Oasis Day Centres, one in Ravensmead and one in Delft in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. They provide specialized education, development and care programmes for 90 children with severe intellectual disabilities. They focus on giving all the children an opportunity to develop to their full potential. They also provide meals, transport and physiotherapy. Oasis has a programme called LSEN, Learners with Special Educational Needs, which is for children who are identified to have greater potential further than the Day Centre programmed.


Oasis has two group homes which provides a caring and homely environment to 42 adults who have intellectual disabilities and who are also employed at the workshops offered at Oasis. They provide supervised and safe group living accommodation for intellectually disabled people who are 18 years and older, those who do not have a stable home or do not have sustainable living conditions.

If you would like to donate to the Oasis Association, please feel free to contact them or you can visit their website to find out more. This is a great initiative to get on board with!

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