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suburban jungle that can be found in Constantia, it is an excellent example of Mother Nature showing off her beauty! The Constantia Green Belt has about 9 hiking trails that you can explore and they are relatively easy. You can take your dogs for walks here or even ride your horses through the lush trails, if you are one of those lucky people to own a horse!


There are 9 different hiking trails that you can walk, with each ranging from a walking time of about 30-45 minutes. Views include streams, rivers and a mountain scenery in the midst of elegance, some of the oldest winelands in the Cape, soaring oak trees, gabled Cape Dutch homesteads and a stretch of stately homes.

  1. De Hel Nature Area

Boarded by Constantia Nek Road to the west, there is an entry point and a car park, Rhodes Drive to the North, and Southern Cross Drive to the South East where there is another entry point and car park. The walk wanders just above the De Hel meadow and it is a fairly solid walk, taking 45 to 55 minutes in total. There is a clear path around the valley with smaller paths leading down to the streams that run through it.

  1. Alphen Trail

This trail is one of the more popular ones. The walk can start at either end, but most people park their cars on the bend of Alphen Drive that leads off Constantia Main Road to the Alphen Hotel, which is a National Monument in its own right with beautiful gardens and tea you absolutely have to try. The trail winds along the Diep River to the Constantiaberg Mountain and some places allow you to walk on either side of the river, with quite a few bridge crossings. It is a gorgeous walk filled with lush grass, trees, beautiful skies and the Le Sueur Meadow on the far end of the walk towards Hohenort. Like all of the Constantia trails, it is safer on weekends or in larger groups during the week. If you are looking to restore the soul and rejuvenate the mind, this walk is perfect for you, as it is an easy walk providing a beautiful scenery. This walk is about half an hour.

  1. Brommersvlei Walk

This trail is enclosed by Rathfelder Avenue, where the road makes the famous loop around the Bel Ombre Meadow, a favourite for Sunday strolls amongst Constantia’s set, and your dogs will love the green pasture. Views here are quite incredible and makes it rather easy to understand why Constantia is so popular amongst Capetonians and Wanderers from all over the world visiting Cape Town. The Brommersvlei walk will last you about half an hour.

  1. Diep River Trail

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This can include the Alphen trail if you want it to, or you can join it at Le Sueur Meadow, on the bend of Brommersvlei Road, on Avenue Beauvais or on Southern Cross Drive, where it can either start or end. The route takes you along this green belt and you can then continue on along one of the other three routes or retrace your steps. The walk will take 30 minutes more or less.

  1. Doordrift Walk

Doordrift walk attaches itself to the Alphen Trail and can start at the same parking lot, but heads out South along the Diep River, crossing under the M3 Freeway, across Constantia Main Rd and then wanders down like a snake past Norman Henshilwood School ending in Doordrift Road, where there is another parking lot, offering another starting point. The duration for this walk is also about an half an hour.

  1. Grootboschkloof Trail

The Grootboschkloof greenbelt is part of a rehabilitation pilot project that began late in 2006. Over 2000 plants were donated and planted by Working for Wetlands and a gardener is sponsored two days a month to help clear aliens and weeds. Park on Strawberry Lane, Spaanschemat River Road or Willow Road and follow the path along the river. This is not a circular route and you can link up to the Spaanschemat River Trail if you want a longer walk, expect a walk of about 25 minutes.

  1. Klaasenbosch Trail

There are several parking areas along this trail with the top two being off Rhodes Drive near the Kirstenbosch top gate and St Cecilia Forest. The bottom two can be found at Le Sueur Avenue or Hohenort Avenue. The middle of the walk passes by the Cellars-Hohenort Hotel, where you can pop in for a gourmet bite after your walk. This walk is just under an hour.

  1. Silverhurst Trail

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Park across the road from Peddlar’s on the Bend on Spaaschemat River Road or at the other end of the trail on Constantia Nek Road to enter this trail. This is a popular horse-riding trail so if your dogs are not comfortable around them maybe consider taking a different walk. This walk will take about 40 minutes.

  1. Spaanschemat River Trail

This trail starts out from the same parking area as the Silverhurst Trail on Spaaschemat River Road but goes off in the opposite direction. You can also park on Strawberry Lane at two different locations. You can link up to the Grootboschkloof Trail at the far end from the Spaaschemat start. This walk will take you about 35 minutes.

If you are looking to make your walks more scenic, the Constantia Greenbelt is definitely the right choice to make. If you would like a glimpse of the forest but you are not in Cape Town, contact us to set up a customized virtual tour for you, or you could book a free Concierge Session with us where we can plan your trip to Cape Town for when you do decide to visit Cape Town.


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