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Beta Beach in Cape town

If you are planning a December trip to Cape Town, one thing you should know is that our summers are scorchers! And December time is prime scorching time, so it will be wise to include a lot of beach days on your trip. Cape Town, being the treasure that it is, has endless beaches to choose from but everyone usually ends up going to the same beach. Beta Beach, however, is a little secret beach that not many know of, even the locals, so this is the perfect beach to go to if you’re looking for a less crowded area.


You will find this tiny, secluded beach next to Ouderkraal beach, and it’s made up of beach, beautiful white sand and many giant boulders. You can find it in the heart of Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard's Bakoven with some of the most unbelievable views of the Twelve Apostles and Lion's Head.

Because it is surrounded by a residential area, many think it’s a privately owned beach, but it’s not! However, certain unspoken rules govern behaviour that includes allowing people their privacy and behaving as though it is, indeed, an exclusive beach.


Beta Beach is much quieter than it's ever-popular and busy neighbors, Clifton and Camps Bay beach, but keep in mind that space is limited here. If you’re going to be visiting, you’ll want to go through early as when the tide comes in, it could feel a bit more confined. Wind is not that big of a factor at Beta Beach because of the giant boulders surrounding it. Swimming is allowed, however, most people choose this spot to sunbathe or catch up on some reading.


If you are looking for activities to do after the beach session or maybe you want to skip the beach for a day, there’s many spots to check out and accommodations to spend the night. If you’re into hiking, there are a few hiking trails nearby that you could explore, namely Grootkop Walk. There are a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from, with choices of foods ranging from hamburgers and pizzas to seafood and curries! There are also coffee shops for that caffeine fix.

Entry to Beta Beach is free and you will find it by following Victoria Road through Camps Bay. Take a right into Beta Road, park, then head down a walkway between the houses towards the beach. Parking can become a bit of a problem at times which is another reason why it is a good idea to go through earlier.

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