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Today’s post kicks off our series of Wanderful Find of the Week, where every Friday we will be sharing with you some of Cape Town’s hidden gems and talents. The first Wanderful Find of the Week we have to share with you, is a quaint little coffee shop that has a lot more than meets the eye, called Coffee @The Vine.


This female owned and run coffee shop started off in Heritage Square in the CBD, close to the oldest vine in the city which was planted around the 1700s, and is still flourishing. It was able to survive so long because apparently there is a lot of water in the ground underneath the vine, so even during droughts the plant was still able to grow and produce grapes. This is how the name, Coffee @The Vine was created. They are now situated in the Company Gardens in a beautiful cottage, surrounded by a beautiful herb garden and vines growing around it. You have the option of being seated outside while enjoying your cuppa joe or you can sit cozily inside.


What makes Coffee @The Vine so special is that not only do they serve coffee, but they also serve a variety of teas, mostly homemade from the natural herbs they focus on. These are namely fynbos which is indigenous to Cape Town and geranium plants which were taken from the Western Cape many years ago and grown in different countries around the world, one of them being the Netherlands. The teas are made with these different herbs.

If you are feeling a bit peckish, there is even a deli with delicious meals to choose from. One of the things Coffee @The Vine is famous for is its perigonium infused cheesecake made by the owner, Andrea. Andrea makes these delightful and refreshing tea infusions herself with the herbs from the coffee shop garden or her own personal garden at home. If you want to

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experience different flavors, then a tea tasting can be arranged for you.


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