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So What is WanderfullySo?

Is it a team of innovative like minded people, spearheaded by the electric founder Lily Makaleng? Or is it an impactful company, dedicated to empowering local entrepreneurs and businesses? Whilst both of these may be true, WanderfullySo stands for a feeling; a feeling we leave in the hearts of wanderers after they have shared an experience with us. We are all about enjoyment, enhancement and elevation. By enhancing travel experiences through collaboration with local businesses and elevation of locals, wanderers are able to enjoy travel that is not only authentic but also affordable, flexible and easily accessible.

A Wanderful Origin Story

From a young age, the South African born and raised Lily has always been captivated by the breathtaking colours of our beautiful sunsets. Having travelled across our vibrant country Lily came to fall more in love with South African sunsets, which further inspired her passion for travel, her country and her people. She decided to turn that passion into a drive and successfully launched her company WanderfullySo, at the Founder Institute. WanderfullySo is a solution that is focused on Reimagining Travel in Africa and is coloured by the hues of our distinctive landscape.

Through her dedication and vision, Lily has assembled a team of passionate individuals, all of whom are driven by a shared ethos to empower and elevate those around them. From our Creative Gurus to the Wanderful Hosts, each and every single person has the desire to empower others and enjoy life to the fullest by exploring local hidden treasures.

WanderfullySo is now the home of uniquely skilled individuals who are all working with the common goal to Reimagine Travel in Africa and aid the local economy by creating a platform that shares the best that Africa has to offer.

Why are We Here?

We are here to Reimagine Travel in Africa by celebrating, appreciating and elevating the rich cultures of Africa. Our core purpose is to become the acclaimed home of authentic travel in Africa by 2032, by connecting those with wanderlust to experiences that celebrate, appreciate and elevate the rich culture of Africa through disruptive innovation. We aim to Reimagine Travel in Africa, starting with our beautiful home South Africa, by changing the way travellers get local insights and information about destinations in Africa. We are using virtual experiences to break down costs, time and space barriers associated with travel and to help us empower locals who should be benefiting from tourism in their own country.

We have a firm belief that to truly get the South African experience, you need to experience it through the eyes of a South African, with South Africans. With this in mind, we have sought out unique local experiences that will give you the true taste of South African flavour and cannot wait to share them with you.

How are We achieving Our Goal?

We have partnered with various local hosts to create exciting virtual tour experiences that show off unique and authentic locations around Cape Town, and we will be expanding to the rest of the country and soon the entire continent!

We’re putting those unique, hidden gems on the map! And yes, we all know the popular V&A Waterfront and well known tourist attractions, but as locals, we know that Cape Town has more authentic adventures and experiences to offer.

Our Wanderful Hosts are locals from Cape Town, who have curated virtual tour experiences that captivate and showcase the best our city has to offer. You will be able to experience the culture of Cape Town like a local, without having to leave the comfort of your own home! We aim to provide you with true South African experiences that can only be summed up with a beer and biltong around a braai.

We aspire to captivate and educate the world of the rich colours of our South African culture, the same way Lily’s heart was captivated by the vibrant colours of our South African sunsets. Locals believe you haven't experienced a sunset until you have experienced a South African sunset, and that is what we want to share with the world.

Final Note

The Mother City is full of little nooks and crannies which play home to some of the most beautiful little treasures that you’ll get to experience through WanderfullySo. We’re all about exploring the extraordinary wonders of our country. The feeling we want you to experience is all in the name, WanderfullySo; the wonder of our rich cultures as you wander the beautiful streets of South Africa.

We are always looking to collaborate with talented locals and local businesses. If you're interested in collaborating with WanderfullySo, get in touch with us at


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