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Use Local Insights To Enhance Your Travel Experience In Africa

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Use Your Travel To Elevate Locals & Their Communities 



Hi I'm Lily!

Well, actually I go by different names depending on where I am. My tribal name is Boledi and that's what they call me back in my village Moletlane. It's a pleasure to have you here! 

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How We Work

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Connect with South Africa

We believe you should not leave a country the same. When you leave South Africa, we want you to leave feeling different and having truly experienced our spirit of Ubuntu. Our Wanderful Experiences are intimate, immersive and authentic but more importantly, they allow you to explore while also doing some good in local communities. With WanderfullySo you still get to hit popular spots during your travel however you will also get to engage and experience the people, places, nature and culture on a deeper level like never before. Our Wanderful Escapes are perfect for anyone looking for a culture-rich travel opportunity that will help you unlock beautiful untapped destinations and hidden gems. Whether you join like-minded wanderers or want to do your own thing, you will enjoy soul travel that is inspiring, transformational and rejuvenating. The best part is that your adventure kicks off while you are still at home with our insightful Culture Unlock which will help you get ready for your destination. By the time you jet off, you will pretty much be local yourself. Go ahead and book your Wanderful Experience so you can Enjoy, Enhance and Elevate.

Connect with Local Insights

Join a Local Travel Insights Session to get insights and information from locals so you can plan your trip better and enhance your overall travel experience in South Africa. During the session, you will be able to ask questions specific to your travel needs.


Local Insight Sessions are best for those who like to be hands-on and plan their own trips. We currently offer sessions for the Western Cape, including Cape Town. If you would like for us to help you plan your trip or stay in South Africa, please book a free private Concierge Session or email us.

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Connect with Local Culture

Join a Local Culture Exchange to learn about the different cultures, food, regions and languages in South Africa. Our Rainbow Nation is home to more than 13 cultural groups, each one beautifully unique.


We are more alike than different and this is evident in our shared spirit and values of Ubuntu. Local Culture Sessions are a great learning experience for anyone interested in visiting South Africa or just seeking to learn more about The Rainbow Nation.