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About Us

Who We Are

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Our Wanderful Journey

We are the first pre-travel platform on the African continent! We connect travellers to local insights through virtual experiences so we can help them improve their overall travel experience. Founder and CEO, Lily Makaleng, started this adventure with just an idea. Fast forward to 2021 WanderfullySo is no longer just an idea but an exciting tech startup within the tourism industry. WanderfullySo has become the home of a dynamic team made up of talented locals. We have also onboarded amazing hosts who have curated exciting virtual and in-person travel experiences that capture the essence of Capetonians and showcase the best Cape Town has to offer.

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Our Wanderful Pillars

At WanderfullySo we have three core pillars that we live by: Enjoy, we help travel lovers enjoy virtual travel that is affordable, flexible and easily accessible; Enhance, we help travellers enhance their travel experiences in Africa by using unique local insights; and Elevate, we help elevate hosts and local businesses through our efforts and support of our travel community that is focused on making a difference.

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Our Wanderful Goals

Our core purpose is to Reimagine Travel in Africa by changing the way travellers get local insights and information about destinations within South Africa and Africa. We do this by helping connect travellers to travel experiences that celebrate, appreciate and elevate the authenticity and rich culture of Africa through disruptive innovations. We are on a journey to becoming the home of authentic travel experiences in South Africa and by 2032, across the entire African continent. Join us on our growth journey as we Reimagine Travel in Africa.

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Africa, the world is waiting for us to show them who we really are. Let's Reimagine Travel in Africa together, our way!

Lily Makaleng- Founder & CEO

What Makes Us Wandeful

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Our Wanderful Gurus

We are a proudly South African company. We are also a proudly female founded, female led and female run company. We like to think of ourselves as a small team of Gurus with big hearts, big minds and big drive. We are wanderers who have a passion for empowering people and believe in our mission to Reimagine Travel in Africa which starts with Reimagining Africa. If you share the same mission, get in touch with us to learn more about becoming a Guru.

Our Wanderful Hosts

We are proud to work with wonderful locals who are amazing ambassadors of their country and Africa as a whole. Just like WanderfullySo, they too care about their country, they are passionate about travel and they love to empower others. If you would like to learn more about becoming a host, please click below.

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Our Wanderful Network

One of our key pillars is Elevate and a big part of that involves empowering locals and local businesses within our travel community. When you support WanderfullySo, you help us Elevate and empower our Wanderful Network and they in turn empower other locals. Just like our Wanderful Hosts, our Wanderful Network Partners also care about their country and have a passion for people. If you would like to learn more about becoming a partner, please get in touch with us below.

We Help You 


We help travellers Enjoy virtual travel that is affordable, flexible & easily accessible


We help travellers Enhance their travel experiences in Africa by connecting them to unique local insights


We help Elevate and empower locals, local hosts & local businesses through our efforts and the support of our travel community that is focused on making a difference

Why Choose Us

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We Help You Get An Authentic Experience

A WandefullySo experience, whether virtual or in-person, helps you explore and enjoy African destinations with and through the eyes of locals. We do not only help you connect to local insights and authentic travel experiences, we also help you make your experiences more meaningful and enriching by giving you the opportunity to step into the daily lives of locals and learn about the different cultures, environments and their needs, as well as learn how you can effectively impact on their lives.

Wander With Us

Work With Us

Would you like to collaborate with us? We'd love to hear from you!

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Support Us

Help us Reimagine Travel in Africa. Help us grow so we can continue to elevate locals within the travel community who are focused on making a difference. Donations from our supporters, our village help us grow from strength to strength and for that we are deeply grateful. Our win is your win, our success is your success!