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Play Like a local.jpg Woman at the Holy One Color Festival in Cape Town, South Africa

Become A Host

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What Is A Wanderful Host?

Traditionally a host is someone who entertains guests at an event. In a similar way, a Wanderful Host also entertains travellers. They create travel or lifestyle experiences that travellers can enjoy, whether online or in-person, and they make sure they take great care of them.

Tourist sitting on a platform over an African waterfall ready to experience an African adeventure

Africa, the world is waiting for us to show them who we really are. Let's Reimagine Travel in Africa together, our way!

Lily Makaleng- Founder & CEO

How You Help Travellers

Dramatic view of an African sunset and coastline with overhanging cliffs and mountain ranges

You Connect Them to Authentic Local Experiences

As a Wanderful Host, you connect travellers to authentic local experiences that help them explore and enjoy your city through your eyes as a local. You also help to make their travel experiences more meaningful and enriching by giving them the opportunity to step into your life as a local and learn about the different cultures and needs of locals in and around your hometown, you community.

Benefits of Becoming A Host

Make Money Doing What You Love

Being a Wanderful Host allows you to make money doing what you love, while connecting with people from all corners of the world. You get to generate income from hosting travel and lifestyle experiences, online or in-person.


Become A Proud Ambassador For Africa

As a Wanderful Host everything you do reflects on WanderfullySo, yourself, as well as your country. Since you are the first point of contact for tourists, it means your interaction with them will give them an impression of our people, our culture and how it is we treat visitors. A Wanderful Host positively represents locals, our country and they are a proud ambassador for Africa.

Meet New People

If you love meeting new people then this is for you. One of the best things about being a Wanderful Host is that you get to connect with people from all walks of life, locally and abroad. As a Wanderful Host you will have a wealth of experiences that allow you to meet amazing individuals, some of whom will become lifetime friends.


Empower Other Locals

The signature of WanderfullySo and its Wanderful Hosts is the passion to empower locals, to help uplift others. As a Wanderful Host you do not only get to be empowered, by WanderfullySo, you also get the opportunity to empower others in your own way.


Two woman ambassadors of Africa smiling with their tour vehicle


Meet Some of Our Wanderful Hosts

Still Have More Questions?

Still have questions about becoming a host, e-mail us or check out our Host FAQs.   

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